23.11.2018 Bioscience Project Day 2018

Having a hard time finding the right Bachelor project? Looking for inspiration for your Master’s Thesis? Want to learn more about what your options are, or maybe even considered doing a project in the industry?
Biologisk Fagråd, Biokemisk Fagråd, Forening af Biologi-Bioteknologi studerende and Coetus Denmark have put their heads together to make an interdisciplinary project day for Bioscience students in the Copenhagen area.

This day will be featuring professors from the different study directions and institutes as well as researcher from the industry, whom are looking for students to do a project in their laboratory. This will be a great opportunity to learn about the possibilities outside (or even inside) your own curriculum.

14.00 – 15.30: Presentations from professors and researchers introducing their research area and opportunities for students
15.30 -17.00: Networking with Beers and Sandwiches, time to seek out the opportunities of interest.

The researchers and companies will be announced one by one before the event. The full program will be available before the event.

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