Join Coetus Denmark

Coetus Denmark is always looking for engaged and motivated students to join our team of volunteers. 

Coetus Denmark is a volunteer based student-organization with the declared goal of helping students establish strong interdisciplinary networks, and to find project, job, and career possibilities. This is achieved through hosting of relevant events and workshops within and around Frederiksberg- and Nørre Campus, with participation of relevant players from within the industry and academia.

Role overview

Your job will primarily be centered around planning and hosting of events, such as morning talks, and evening- and weekend workshops and conferences. In addition, other possible tasks could, depending on your preferences, include work with promotion and updates on social media, graphical design, management of webpages, fundraising, and various HR-related tasks.
You should expect a weekly work average of 1 – 2 hours, primarily outside of exam periods. This includes participation in- and planning of events, as well as participation in meetings and undertaking of various other tasks.
As a volunteer at Coetus Denmark you get the opportunity to:

  • Strengthen your professional network
  • Gain experience and skills within event planning and hosting
  • Learn about fundraising
  • Get hands on experience with team- and project management
  • Add relevant work expertise to your CV

And of course, to find fun and friendship.

Skills, qualifications and experience

At Coetus we believe progress can only be achieved through teamwork. Therefor we seek positive and teamwork oriented students that wants to make a difference in their own and other students’ lives. No previous experience with event planning and organization is required to join Coetus, but is of course always a plus. In addition creative, artistic, IT- or funding related skills are also highly valued.
For more information contact us on facebook or send a mail to either or
To apply send a short description of yourself and why you want to join, along with a CV to