Join Coetus Denmark

Coetus Denmark is looking for engaged and motivated students to join our team. 

Do you want to be a part of a new fast growing organization? And would you like to guide the way for students to establish a network to both the Industry and Academia? Then Coetus Denmark is just for you!

Coetus Denmark is a new organization focusing on networking for students and alumni through the organization of events such as morning workshops, conferences, and weekend/afternoon seminars and courses.

As a volunteer in the Coetus Denmark team you get an unique opportunity to shape the foundation of a new organization, as well as arrange activities linking students with the Indstry and Academia. In addition, you get to expand your network and work in a dynamic team of ambiotious an likeminded students.

We are looking for students with diverse backgrounds within the bio-oriented fields, and both bachelor, master, and Ph.d students are welcomed to join our team.

To apply send a motivated application (Maximum one page) and a C.V. to, before the 2’nd of April 23.59.